What is Biscuit?

Biscuit is a bi advocacy group that works to support the bi+ community with a focus on women and other marginalised genders.

We don’t define ourselves any more narrowly than that because we’ve got our fingers in a lot of pies. From providing coaching on bisexual inclusion to designing flyers to hand out at Pride, what we’re up to changes from one day to the next.

We support local activists by providing resources for meet-up groups as well as mentoring for individuals and training sessions for bi+ activists, we lobby in the LGBTQ+ community on behalf of bi+ stakeholders and we make sure our community is represented at Pride events nationwide.

But that's not all. Biscuit prides itself on being reactive to our communities needs, so we're always listening. We consider it our job to represent your values and interests, so we're always on the lookout for new ways to do that. From great big projects like our billboards for bi visibility day in 2019 to @OurBiSecrets, our community twitter account, everything we do starts with you.

Biscuit is not currently a registered charity.

Our Goals

Our goals fall broadly into three categories: visibility, advocacy and community.


We want to bring attention to the community, and highlight the issues bisexual people face.


We want to be a voice for bisexual people in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond, campaigning for bi+ rights and acceptance.


We want to provide spaces for the bisexual community to come together as their authentic selves.

What we do

Over the years, we've held picnics and breakfasts, had booths at Pride events, undertaken research projects, produced resources, given talks, run workshops, and organised a number of visibility projects. We've provided guidance to writers and journalists, spoken on panels, and got involved with projects alongside other bi advocacy organisations and groups like Bisexual Index and BWithTheT.

Today we do all that and more. We hold training days for bi+ advocates, provide mentors to aspiring activists, and make it easy to set up a local bi+ meetup group by providing group leaders with the materials and resources that they need to get going for free.

Here are some of our advocacy highlights:

  • In 2022 we launched our free Pride Packs and Bi+ Community Group Starter Packs to empower you to build your community locally
  • In 2021, we led the bi+ community boycott of Pride in London.
  • In 2020, we led the project that raised 25 billboards nationwide celebrating Bi Visibility Day.
  • In 2020, we co-authored the open letter that began the BWithTheT movement.
  • In 2019, we produced our first leaflet: Bisexuality - what you wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask (a guide for questioning people).
  • In 2018, we drove the first ever bisexual community float in Pride in London’s parade.
  • In 2016, we appeared on BBC Woman’s Hour.

And here’s what you can find us doing behind the scenes right now:

  • Writing a guide to writing about bisexuality in the media, aimed at industry professionals like editors, copywriters and journalists.
  • Getting ready to launch our new in-person London Meet-Up group.
  • Working on building the content on our website.
  • Running training days for new activists.
  • … And so much more!

How do you pay for all this?

Our main source of funding is our shop on Esty, so please do stop by and spend a few pounds. The cash we raise from selling bi+ goodies covers our everyday running costs like website hosting, printing our postcards and other literature, and posting resources to the people who request them. It also gets our team to meetings and events where we can be a voice for the bi+ community, and allows us to pay people who do work for us, like our copy editor, writers, designers and drivers.

We don’t always need extra help to pay for our projects, but when we do, we turn to crowdfunding. Our float in the Pride in London parade in 2018 was achieved this way, and in 2022 we crowdfunded to get five bi+, trans and queer activists from all over the UK to our free activism training in London.

When we've got a new project on the horizon, we'll usually tell our social media first, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @we_are_biscuit.

As we are not registered as a charity, Biscuit has not to date received funding from a grant-giving trust or foundation. We rely solely on the support of people like you.